what we did: 

UX, UI, Webdesign





Design of the website for international company Pierson-Export

The design of the business website for Pierson-Export was very interesting, it was an amazing challenge for us. One of the main goals of creating this website was to present the products that Pierson-Export sells and which countries the products are sold to. We created personalized types of pages – one showing the types of products and brands of these products by means of a fully responsive “carousel” storing a list of products. The next type of page was the world map, which with the help of a script written by us reads countries on different continents with their short description and displays your location on the map. Moreover, we have created a responsive gallery of various Pierson-Export projects for the company. The website was created in 2 languages, French and English. The design of the site was created from scratch, through an interview with a person representing the company, our concept, graphic proposal, and finally the implementation of the site on WordPress engine. The site is optimized in terms of speed, responsiveness and security.